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Applications for Wholesale Vanilla Beans and Extracts

Ugandan vanilla is available in the formats, specifications, and grades to suit your application, be it wholesale vanilla beans or commercial vanilla extracts for baked goods, beverages, and more. Reach out to connect with an exporter, importer, or flavor house offering the required specs to craft your desired applications.

Where Vanilla Springs to Life

Uganda grows some of the world’s best vanilla beans for commercial vanilla extracts. Rich soil and growing conditions on the equator create beans known for their classic vanilla taste with notes of cacao and fig, at once bold and floral.

Sweet Goods

Vanilla has over 300 distinct flavor notes melding together in consumers’ after-dinner and after-anything sweet treats. Ugandan vanilla retains its fragrant, creamy sweetness, whether in frozen or baked applications.

PRODUCT IDEA: Italian Vanilla Cassata Cake


Why change a classic? Deliver the favorites in ready-to-drink or ready-to-mix beverages made even more indulgent with heady Ugandan vanilla.

PRODUCT IDEA: Double Vanilla Shake

Health & Wellness

Vanillin may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, making it a compelling dual-use ingredient. The ever-popular vanilla flavor enhances frequently bitter health and wellness applications.

PRODUCT IDEA: Vanilla Chai Tea

Cosmetics & Soap

The calming effects of wafting vanilla elevate spa days and at-home luxuries. The subtle complexities of natural vanilla overshadow synthetic alternatives, which don’t carry the same compelling profiles.

PRODUCT IDEA: Vanilla and Clary Sage Soap