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One Place.
Two Vanilla

Fertile soil and two rainy seasons make Uganda the only place on Earth with two annual vanilla harvests.

The Source for Supply Chain Resilience

Diversifying your portfolio with Ugandan vanilla means planning ahead for supply chain disruptions. Uganda is becoming a destination for natural, up-to-specs vanilla thanks to landlocked, protected growing conditions and a government that doesn’t interfere in trade.

Full-Bodied with Cacao Notes

Uganda and Madagascar share the same creamy cultivar: Vanilla planifolia. Ugandan vanilla’s high-vanillin content contributes a big, bold flavor, plus notes of cacao and leather from nutrient-rich soil.

For Any Application

Ugandan vanilla leaves a sweet, bold taste behind in your application of choice.

Sweet Goods


Dairy & Dairy Alternatives

Health & Wellness

Cosmetics & Soap

Sustainably Sourced

Agroforestry and intercropping sustain local ecosystems and growing communities. See how the vanilla you source supports livelihoods and the planet.

Vanilla Expertise Since the 1920s

Uganda’s vanilla heritage has been decades in the making. Collaborations between farmers, importers, exporters, and the Ugandan government work to improve the vanilla value chain.