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Why Choose Ugandan Vanilla Beans

Uganda’s growing conditions and ease of working in the country make it simple to diversify your supply chain. These high-quality vanilla beans are rich in vanillin content and bold in flavor.

Vanilla’s Ideal Growing Conditions

Uganda’s warm, humid weather creates the perfect environment to grow high-quality, mature vanilla beans all year. Uganda is the only place on Earth with two vanilla harvest seasons, one in January and one in July, giving you a regular, ongoing supply. The country’s landlocked location also shields the crop from unforeseen weather, like cyclones.

Consistent Supply

250 MT

2022 Exports

Hands-Off Government Philosophy

In a market known for its ups and downs, Uganda offers simplified sourcing. The government fosters open trade and has an accommodating, hands-off approach, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected or excessive rules. The government has no track record of intervening in prices and deciding who can and can’t participate in the vanilla market. Combined with a short supply chain, sourcing from Uganda is predictable.

Flavor and Vanillin Content in Vanilla Beans

Applications made with Ugandan vanilla beans benefit from exceptional vanilla flavor, as expected from the Vanilla planifolia cultivar. Ugandan vanilla beans and extract’s high vanillin content leaves a rich, bold flavor behind.

Distinguishing notes of buttery cacao and figs come from Uganda’s terroir: the combination of the soil, climate, and topography that gives regional varieties distinctive flavor and aroma.

levels up to


Organic Certified

Fairtrade Certified

Rainforest Alliance Certified




Clean Label

HACCP Certified

Up-to-Spec and

Find vanilla beans and extracts available in a variety of grades and specifications.

Versatile Applications

Bold enough to withstand high-heat applications without compromising flavor. Complex enough to win over chefs, pâtisseries, and perfumers.

Sweet Goods


Dairy & Dairy Alternatives

Health & Wellness

Costmetics & Soap

Vanilla for Climate Resilience

Vanilla is a creeping plant that grows well under tree canopies, encouraging agroforestry and intercropping with crops like coffee, bananas, and fruit trees. This symbiotic relationship increases land productivity, promotes tree planting, and supports zero tillage farming, which is essential for soil regeneration.

Why Uganda?

Hands-off Government

Free Market

Strong Production Base

Short Supply Chain

Exceptional Vanilla

Sustainable Supply